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Thank you STAR 69 Thank you for all the wonderful feedback we receive each week!
We are making a DIFFERENCE in the way you shop for long distance products

Customer Testimonials

From: Rebecca M. Canada
Just bought the first card on the list that you sent me, thank you for sending me all the helpful information. I will surely be a customer of your service for a long time thanks to your great customer service and helpful advice added to the excellent rates you have provided on the cards offered.

From: Dhyan M. Georgia
Because of your help and the clear information you provided, I have now successfully purchased one each of the phone cards you recommended
and have already received them. Thank you so much for your quick response and great service!

From: Roylynn W. Turkey
Because of your help and the clear information you provided, I have now successfully purchased one each of the phone cards you recommended and have already received them. Thank you so much for your quick response and great service!

From: Roylynn W. Turkey
Thank you so much!  I am impressed by your quick response and being so personal, it's nice for a change.  Thanks again.

From: Gail M. New Jersey
I am definitely impressed with your customer service.   The fact that you answered me on a SUNDAY is just incredible.    The "pinless" dialing should be a big asset in keeping this simpler.

From: Chris O. United Kingdom
It's good for Star 69 they've got top class support like you've given me. I've now registered with Nobel Worldwide, they've mastered taking money from
non US residents and offer a better rate as well!
Thank you very much for your help.
Chris O

From: Linda R. Tennessee
Wow!  I found the least expensive carrier and switched, and even after paying a $5 switch fee, I saved enough $32 the first month.  I never noticed a change in quality of service.  Thanks.

From: Joseph F. Pennsylvania
I want to express my appreciation to you for the service
you have provided. It was done is a very professional manner. Keep up the
good work. You are a asset to STAR69. I will recommend STAR69 to my fellow
workers. Thanks again

From: Renee D. New Jersey
I E-mailed you about 2 weeks ago requesting information on where I could purchase an AT&T Prepaid phone card.  I would just like to THANK YOU for all of your help. I had been busy but I finally went to Best Buy (only about 10 minutes away) and finally purchased the phone card. The pricing wasn't that bad (at least I don't think so). I purchased a 100 minute phone card for $13.99. Of course I realize that if I had purchased the card on-line when I was inquiring about it 2 weeks ago I would have had it already.  Well, maybe next time. Again, I would just like to thank you again for all of your help!!! You were very helpful!

From: Jean S.  Texas
Received your cheque. Thanks for the extra minutes. I appreciate your help. Like I said before, you were the only one who helped us out at this point.
Please forward this mail to your boss, because he should know that you are doing an excellent job.

You do what you promised to do, and you kept in contact all the time to check the result.
This is what I, as a Dutch guy, expect when I do business with someone.
Once again, It was good doing business with STAR69.NET.
Thanks again

From: Fred D.   Canada
I have just rec my $22 calling card. I use it only to contact friends in UK. the service is real great. Thanks a lot Fred

From: Gary W. MI
I want to thank you most sincerely for the very helpful assistance you provided. I was extremely happy with my Metro Card, which I purchased in early March and used up recently.  Your clear and unhurried assistance in explaining options, offering great alternatives, helping me make the most of my
paltry $20 expenditure is almost unheard of.
Now with your kind guidance, I have just purchased the combination you recommended: the Nobel Platinum Card and the Quick Call Card.  A smaller connection fee, a lower maintenance fee, and 2 cents a minute U.S. to Spain?  No way! What a deal!  Yes, I'm repeating myself, What a Deal!
You've convinced a formerly skeptical, now delighted customer.  I would not have believed my $20 of international calling would literally provide HOURS  of connection time that was easy to use, reliable, and superb sound quality. I ordered 3 cards today, will recommend you highly to anyone who will  listen, and will always return when you treat me like this. Thank you, thank you.

From: Sara M. MI
Thank you so much for the speedy response.  I've waited two weeks before to have questions answered at other customer service centers.  I understand about the phone company switching my service, and I'm looking forward to my lower phone bill!

From: Christy M. VA.
Thank you, I appreciate your quick response.  I've actually already signed up and went with Capsule Communications.  Thanks for all your help!  Seeing everything your website had to offer really opened my eyes and I learned a lot!  It made it a lot easier to find the right company to meet our needs.

From:   Brenda S. 
So glad I found you guys at Star69. You really helped me out in my
shopping around for a new long distance carrier.  THANKS!

From:   William  R. CW4   AZ
Hi Jim, I did finally get through and talked to a customer service representative.
She told me that my card was not charged anything for the night of the problems
and that their system was busy and overloaded on the night in question. 
I have since used the card again and it worked.  Thank you once again for your great service and assistance.  

From:   Randy  H.   MD
I took your advice and signed up tonight.  Thank you
for the advice and help, I work in the communications field,
and still get confused by all the different offers and
companies out there doing long distance.
Thanks again, I really appreciate your help

From:   Nicole B.
Thank you so much.  You have been such a wonderful help.  You have really
gone out of your way to research these phone cards.  I can't believe the great service I am receiving
over the computer, better than I ever received in person that's for such

From: Nannie C.  MA.
Thanks so much for your long e-mail.  You were great to break down all the
expenses for me and help me make the decision to try Uni-Tel.  I am so
impressed with your commitment and friendly service!  I'll let you know how
it turns out.  In the meantime, I am passing the word about Star69 to all my

From:  Jan
Thanks so much for your site.  You've just saved my husband and I major phone
headaches having to do this research on our own.

From Ellen J. Oakhurst, NJ
Thanks for your help.  I have sent an order in for 3-$20 cards from AmeriCard.  I will pay
$48 for the 3 cards, not bad!
   I will await the cards.  once again, thanks for all your help. 
Will be talking to you soon.

Take Care

From: Sarah W.   Seattle, WA
Thank you very much for all the time you took to find us the answers regarding our long
distance questions.
  Your staff is very attentive. As many web sites as there is on long
distance,  your site is the ONLY one that has shown
true customer service!

From: Ron S.    WINFIELD, IL
Hello Jim!
I have already exercised my big mouth and recommended your services to four other families!

From: Hedi B.  INDIAN HILL, OH
 Thanks for all your hard work in helping us select a nice long distance plan. We appreciate it!

 From: Amar
Hi Jim, I finally got the pin # on my phone card replaced, and the phonecard worked great.
I couldn't do it without you. Thanks a lot. If you keep up your good service,
 you'll have my business for a quite long time. I'm looking forward buying from you a
domestic(US) phone card and the card that carries the best rate for calls
to Mongolia. Take care, Amar

 Archived From:   Pat Veretto - your Guide to: Frugal Living Telephone Rates
You can easily make comparisons and choose the best '*'
number to use for long distance calling.

 From: Robert F.  CHAMPAIGN, IL
Dear Jim:   You have been my contact person for UNI-TEL and have been very
helpful in getting me started with the service.  Anyway, I've been using the
UNI-TEL switched long distance service for over a month, and I am so far very

pleased.  Thanks for your help.

 From: Nageswara.Rao
Thanks so much for your immediate reply.

 From:  George P.  RICHARDSON, TX
I am glad I found your site. My neighbor signed up through you last week and
said you have a large selection of long distance plans. So I thought I would check
your site out.
  She was right. You have the best selection I have seen on the internet.

 From: Hanna S.  SHERMAN OAKS, CA
Hi Jim:    Just want to let you know I checked the 700 number early AM and the
switch to Uni-Tel has been completed.   Thank you for your helpful attentiveness
and honesty.
   It's nice to know there are professionals such as yourself out on
the "information superhighway".

 From: Denice B.  THORNTON, CO
  Just a quick email saying THANKS to all that helped me with my long distance questions.
 I was very impressed with your service and will let others know about your site.

 From: David H.  San Francisco, CA
I just received our first phone bill with the new plan you suggested for us. This is the first time in years
 our phone bill has been below $50.00 for the month!  I will be honest with you, I don't like to switch
 my long distance because you get comfortable with one company.  I'm glad I made the switch to Opex.

 From: Tiffany J.  New Orleans, LA
  I am so glad I asked for information on different calling cards. I was buying calling cards at Target for 18.00
 a card for 100 minutes. Now I KNOW BETTER. I ordered a 137 minute calling card for 10.00!
 And they gave me another 137 minute calling card for FREE!
 I couldn't believe it!  What a DEAL!!!!!

 From: Claudia S.  Augusta, GA
  Hey Guys! Just wanted to say THANKS, for all your hard work in researching the best plan for us.
 My husband couldn't believe all the information I got from your company. At first, he thought I was in a
 chat room, with all the emails back and forth to you.  He's ok now.  Thanks again.

 From: Robert B.   Webster Groves, MO
 Hello Jennifer. Thank you for your quick response. I emailed 2 other long distance sites BEFORE
 I emailed your site. It's been 3 days, and I still haven't heard back from either one of those 2 sites!
 You have our business! :-)

 From: Gary L.      Media, PA
  Thanks a lot for your help. Your long distance 101 page, really helped us out in figuring out
 the best long distance plan.  You run a nice service. I wish you folks success. 

 From: Denice K.     Oceanside, CA
 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ! You have been so responsive to our questions regarding
 intrastate rates.  Your business really does focus on customer service!

 From: Samantha and Don P.   STURGEON BAY, WI
 I know what your read these testimonials and you see that everyone says the same ol' thing, always good. Honestly, I am really impressed with  I emailed asking a few questions and got a response right   away asking for some information so they could find the best long distance carrier for me.
They helped me with each and every question, until I was ready to sign up.  They didn't just go an extra step for me, they went a few extra steps to help me!  It is hard to believe that you can get great customer service over the internet, but you get it from STAR69.NET.  A few words about them:  prompt, courteous, friendly, ready to help you in any way they can.  I am confident that you will also receive this very high level of service.
Samantha P.

  Archived From:
   Star 69
 Compare all the distance phone companies plans and prices all at one site.
 I just love this site!!  Because of this site, AT & T gave me 60 free minutes a month
 and waived the monthly fee and .10 minute -- I got a fantastic deal!!

 From: Sherry  and Juan P.   BROCKTON, MA
  Dear  We are very pleased with your service and help.  You folks run a very
 nice service.

 From: Greg S.    
  I am so glad I found your site! I have been searching the internet to compare long distance rates.
 Your site had the most selection for me to choose from. Keep up the good work!

 From: Joshua W.     BURLINGTON, WI
  Thank you for helping me figure the best intrastate rate for us.
 Most of our calling is within our state. I almost signed up for the wrong plan for us.
 "Just because the advertised rate looks great, doesn't always mean the intrastate will be also."
 I was paying 14.9 cents/min. for intrastate. Now were paying 6.3 cents/min.
 Thanks again.

 From: Stephanie L.
  You guys are great.  Thank you so much for researching the best calling card rates for my calling
 needs.  I was buying store calling cards at $9.99 each for 30 minute calling card!  Boy, was I getting
 ripped off!

 From:  John D.     Richmond, VA
  You and your site have been very helpful in helping us decide which long distance plan was best
 for our company. We run fundraisers for various charities, and are on the phone 12 hours a day.
 Our last phone bill was over $1,250.00 With the plan you selected for us,
 we project that the new plan will cut our phone bill in 1/2.
 A Sincere thanks, goes to all of you working hard at STAR69.NET !

 From: Dee and Jason W.
   Thank you for your quick response on Labor Day!
  You have been absolutely wonderful with your follow through!

 From: Mary S.      BLOOMINGTON, IN
  Thank you for helping me choose the best plan. My husband has been after me
 about switching our long distance for 2 months. Your site made it so easy to compare
 plans. Special thanks to your staff member: Jennifer T.  She responded immediately &
 explained your 5.9 cent plan and all the features.

 From: S. Johnson          
  Hey guys! Thanks for all your help. I never expected an internet company to be as attentive to our needs
 as you have been.  I only wish the DMV had your service standards ! :-)

 From: Jerry C.    Columbia, MO
 I am impressed!  I never buy through the internet. Yet with all the service and help with
 my calling card needs, you have my business!  I plan to email your site with a
 recommendation  to our corporate office in Arizona.

 From: Victor P.
  Hello Jim: Thank you for your help!

 From: Dan K.    PORTLAND, OR
  Your business has been very helpful in explaining the difference in all the 10-10 offers.
 It's so hard to keep track of all these. I'm sure glad you have!

 From: Heather L.
  You guys are very nice and helpful. Thank you for explaining each long distance
 plan in plain English ( so to speak ) :-)

 From: Terry P.     Venedocia, OH
  Hello again!  Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help on rates. Now I know what to look for
 in the fine print !
 Don't ever let your company get too big & business-like!  Those big telephone companies
 are just plain rude.

 From: Garret H.     New Port Richey, FL
  I have never seen a site with so many plans!  Do you know how hard it is to
 compare long distance plans on the internet?
 The past week I have been saving all these sites and clicking from one to the other trying to
 compare the rates and features. It was a joke!  Your site made it VERY easy to shop. Thanks.

 From: Mrs. Canner   Marietta, GA
  Thank you for helping us with our problem.  My son was buying calling cards every week so he could call
 us from his college dorm.  Now that we have a 1-800 number connected to our phone,
 it only cost 7.9 cents a minute for him to call us now. What a savings!


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