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On August of 2003 STAR69 launched STARSEARCH, searching for the
absolute lowest calling rates to every country with no connection fee.
We even back up our rates with a "Lowest Rate Guarantee"

We are currently seeking Travel & Information websites to exchange linking information for specific countries.

If you have a website that offers information on one of these three categories to a specific country, we would like to add your link in this space in exchange
for a link on your site back to STAR69.

Your link would be listed on the country page permanently unless you request otherwise, we are not taking bids or payment on these spots.
These will be on a 1st. come 1st. served basis.

This would be a simple verbal agreement to exchange, a link to both websites. Since our websites do not compete in any way, it is mutually beneficial to the consumer

A sample link back from your website to STAR69  would look like this : " Find the lowest calling rate to France at STAR69 "

Why have we decided to do this?

Every day we receive several emails from our customers asking if we could recommend a website for more information on travel and demographic information on specific countries. Many people who call this country also have interest visiting here. Your site would now be available to our consumer for this information

Since most people who request information or travel there, often visit family friends or do business. Therefore it would be beneficial to offer your consumers the best calling rate to keep in touch with these people. Our site would now be available to your consumer.

In conclusion, this will benefit both of our consumers in providing information they are seeking without degrading the focal point on our websites.

If you would like to participate in a link exchange for a particular country, please email us with the country you specialize in, along with contact information.
We will respond back generally within 24 hours with linking information