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Long distance

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Long distance plans at STAR 69
Use our long distance calculator to compare plan rates and save

    40 to 70% Every Month

          Find the BEST rates in the long distance telephone service industry starting at 2.3 per minute anytime. Ultra-low In-State and International rates, available toll-free services, and calling cards will help you reduce overall cost to a minimum.find the lowest rates for your area.

  1. Why switch my long distance carrier?
    Unless you have switched to a lower rate plan within the past 6 months, your current long distance rate is most likely costing you 5 to 10 cents a minute or more thus you are paying too much for your long distance service.

  2. Can I switch my long distance if I currently use a cable company for my local phone service
    In most cases, the answer is yes. Simply find the long distance plan you like and apply. If for some reason your long distance plan cannot be switched over, you will be notified by the new long distance carrier and no change will take place. There is no charge to apply, so there is no reason not to try.

  3. I don't use my home phone that much, does it make sense for me to switch?
    Absolutely. If you spend $6.00 a month or $60.00 a month on long distance your going to save money on your long distance regardless
    3 minutes of your time to apply online will save you from 40 to 70% month after month after month.
    Would you drive across the street to another gas station to save 4 cents a gallon on gas? Of course. You are saving about 70 cents ( Per Tank )
    What about a 30 minute phone call? A 7 cent plan cost $2.10  A 30 minute call on a 2.5 cent plan cost .75 cents. You are saving $1.35 ( Per Call )

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