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Contract Cellular Plans

Contract Cellular Plans - Most Minutes - Large Selection of phones
This is the most common type of cellular plan. Most plans require a 1 or 2 year contract & offer you a free or discounted phone with the plan. If you currently have a contract cellular plan, and for the most part you are satisfied with the service, stick with your current cellular plan. If you use less than 500 minutes per month, you may save money by switching to a prepaid plan

Sprint PCS Wireless Verizon Wireless
Hybrid Cellular Plans

Hybrid Cellular Plans - Unlimited Weekends - No Contracts - No Credit Check
This is one of the newer types of cellular service plans. Hybrid cellular plans offer you the same type of plans as standard contract plans including extra or unlimited night and weekend minutes. These plans are month to month, billed to your credit or debit card with No contract No credit check & you can cancel  at any time

O Mohile PCS Hybrid No Contract
Prepaid Cellular Plans

Prepaid Cellular Plans - Pay as you go - No Contracts - No Credit Check
These plans are best if you generally use less than 500 minutes a month. Prepaid plans are pay as you go, thus you simply purchase more airtime as you need it. Prepaid cellular offers no contracts, no credit checks, & includes all taxes surcharges USF fees

Airvoice Cellular Alltel Cellular AT&T KIC Cellular AT&T Free2Go Cellular
AT&T GOPhone Cellular Boost Mobile Cellular Call Plus Cellular i-Wireless Cellular
Jitterbug Cellular Locus Mobile Cellular Net10 Prepaid Cellular Omni Prepaid Cellular
Oxygen Pay As You Go Page Plus Cellular Sprint Prepaid Cellular STi Mobile Cellular
Tracfone Cellular Verizon INpulse Prepaid Virgin Mobile Cellular Xtreme Mobile Prepaid

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