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Do you have a product or service that has competitive rates?
We have advertising space for your competitive product or service.
Get access to thousands of TARGETED visitors every month.
           STAR69 Advertising

STAR69 minimum requirements on advertising your companies plans or products:

  • Available merchant website offering online sign-up & ordering of products and plans

  • No pop-up advertising or re-directs to other websites

  • Good standings with the FCC

  • Minimal fees and or restrictions

  • Products must have an everyday low price. No monthly specials, blowouts, or clearance campaigns

  • Available customer support number & email contact for customers & STAR69.NET

  • Minimum 48 hour customer response time by email and or phone support

  • No excessive negative postings from customers about such company or products

  • 100% product/satisfaction guarantee statement posted on vendors website

Once these criteria are established, your company will be eligible for our advertising program with a 90 day probationary period

If within 90 days an advertised product/company receives 3 or more quality or service issues, such products/company will be removed from STAR69
Once the 90 day period has expired, the vendor can be a permanent part of our everyday product lines.

We are very serious about the quality and service on the products we advertise. Our name stands behind everything we promote

Advertising Options


1. Flat Rate Advertising - Month to Month
This plan is a mutal agreement between STAR69 and your company
to advertise set product and plans on a month by month basis for a flat month rate



2. Outsource Affiliate Marketing Program - Preferred -
Merchant advertising program - Over 1,250 online Merchants use CJ
Merchant advertising program. - Over 200 online Merchants use Direct Track

These companies above directly operate, over the Web, large affiliate marketing networks that have two types of participants:
These types of programs are the most effective way for you and your company and your advertisers to track sales & unique visitors.
It also allows your company to reach thousands of advertisers, wishing to promote your products and or services. Your company can select which advertisers are approved to sell your products or services.

Some of the larger companies using outsourced affiliate marketing include: - - - -

If your company currently uses an outsourced affiliate program,
simply send us an email for us to review your product or service



3. In House Merchant Affiliate Marketing
Online companies ("Merchants") may seek to increase visitor traffic through a program commonly called an "affiliate program"
A Merchant with their own in house affiliate program invites Website owners, like STAR69 to advertise the Merchant's products or plans, which includes a hyperlink that leads back to the Merchant's Website.

Advertising websites who join a Merchant's affiliate program receive compensation from the Merchant based on tracked sales.
Some of the larger companies we advertise for using their own In House Affiliate Tracking include:  - - - - -

If your company currently has an active inhouse affiliate program,
simply send us an email for us to review your product or service.


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