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Long Distance Plans
Need a better rate on on your long distance? Compare from over 70 long distance - local phone - broadband & unlimited plans including  AT&T -  Verizon - Sprint - MCI and long distance carriers offering incredible rates starting at 2.5 a minute
Cellular Plans - Prepaid Cellular Plans
Prepaid cellular or cell phones with a contract? Choose from over 20 carriers including: Airvoice Alltel AT&T Boost Mobile Call Plus Cingular KIC Cingular Go Phone Justalk Liberty Net10 Nextel Omni Omobile Page Plus Sprint
STI Mobile Tracfone Verizon Virgin Mobile & Xtreme Mobile
International Phone Cards
STAR69 has been a leader in phone card selection. Shop from over 170 international phone cards. Our new STARSEARCH search engine allows you to find the lowest phone card rates to any country GUARANTEED!
World Phone Cards
Calling the USA? A special phone card is needed when traveling or calling from another country & STAR 69 is proud to have the largest selection of  world phone cards to choose from. We now carry Military Phone cards from Iraq or Afghanistan to the USA
Domestic Phone Cards
Calling around town or across the nation, STAR69 has you covered with a wide assortment of over 80 phone cards including AT&T prepaid phone cards PinCity rechargeable phone cards and FREE Phone Card Offers!
Internet Service - Dial up - DSL - Cable - Wi Fi
Shopping for Internet Service? We carry standard 56k - DSL Internet - Cable Internet Wi-Fi Wireless Internet and even FREE Internet Service! Over 50 Internet service plans at STAR69


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